Air Mark Services

An established NZ company with more than 14 years’ experience providing national and international clients with a broad range of expert HVAC services. These services include air conditioning, heating and ventilation installation services.

We have built an excellent reputation over the years and our HVAC specialists have worked on a broad range of large projects, here in New Zealand as well as overseas. The projects that we are proud to put our name to include major hotels, offices and office-warehouses, multi-unit apartments, hospitals, universities and restaurants. 

Our company directors, Ray Sayegh and Mark Jacobs, have many years’ experience and have always taken a hands-on approach to the HVAC services we provide. This approach has proven a success over the 14 years that we have been operating and it has helped us to enjoy consistent and strong growth.

Commercial and Residential HVAC Specialists 

Air Mark Services is able to undertake all kinds of HVAC work, including both commercial and residential projects. We offer our clients a full service and as we have our own team of fully-trained and qualified installers, Air Mark Services is therefore able to undertake all work ourselves, without the need for subcontractors.

We take the utmost pride in the services that we provide for our clients. Air Mark constantly invests in new equipment and HVAC technologies so as to deliver cost-effective and professional HVAC services that we believe are second to none.  

For further information about the professional air conditioning, heating and ventilation services we provide for clients here in New Zealand and around the world, please get in contact with Air Mark Services at your convenience. We welcome enquires about all the HVAC services we provide for our valued clients and endeavour to respond to all enquiries as promptly as we can.